12 scenarios for workshops with women

12 educational workshop scenarios

12 educational workshop scenarios

The toolkit consists of 12 scenarios about the following topics:

1. Identity
2. Gender
3. Discrimination
4. Setting boundaries
5. Strengths, dreams, values
6. Process of change
7. Mindfulness
8. Life goals and priorities
9. Changemaker Game – social businesses from all over the world
10. Home budget management
11. Getting resources for social projects
12. Public speaking

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In the Labyrinth of the Goddess

EDU-LARP "In the Labyrint of the Goddess"

EDU-LARP “In the Labyrint of the Goddess”

Live role-playing scenario. A journey of transformation and change, of trials to be faced and decisions to be taken.

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Finding my Balance

Journal "Finding my Balance"

Journal “Finding my Balance”

A journal for women with 52 exercises/challenges for 52 weeks of the year.

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For orderly chaos and constant reflection. 

Because we also like to be organised, we have created Aspira’s Planer 2023. A great gift for yourself or someone else at the end of the year. With original illustrations by Vesna Lenić Kreža. 

This planer has been in the back of our minds for some time. We like to write by hand, we like to make reminders and notes, and we like to scribble in the margins. We tried out a number of different ones and combined ours with what we recognized as the most important and useful. The planer is A5 size, has 192 pages, and has a hardcover.

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Aspira has created the “Finding your Balance” diary for women with 52 exercises for 52 weeks of the year. The diary addresses the singular – to look at ourselves, the plural – to look at our relationships and the plural – to look at the community in which we live and create. The diary is in English. 

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The diary has 67 pages and soft covers.

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