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KA227 - Partnerships for Creativity Youth+Art=Resilience

Youth + Art = Resilience project is a project within the ERASMUS + program, strategic partnerships in the field of creativity. The call was published in response to the crisis associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the project, Aspira Institute wishes to build a bridge between the currently most vulnerable target group – young people (indirectly the youth sector) and the sector that gives the most inspiration for resilience (art and culture).

 At the moment, young people face a high risk of social exclusion and are only a step away from being pushed into one of the categories of young people with fewer opportunities by the current situation. Some categories are obvious, such as economic barriers, social and health problems, but what happens to other young people who are marginalized, such as people with disabilities and young migrants? Do they face even more difficult situations than ever before? Although we cannot solve economic and health barriers at once, we can ensure faster recovery, strength and hope for young people by giving them the opportunity for resilience, giving them a voice and visibility in society.

The aim of the project is to help  young people with fewer opportunities find refuge and resilience in the arts.

Our strategic goals are :

  1. To build a strong long lasting cooperation between the art sector and youth sector who actively work with marginalized groups through their work.

Specific goals:

SG1: Sharing good practices of work with marginalized groups/ youth with fewer opportunities amongst partners ( Study visit)

SG2:Creation of a new framework for a new project

SG3: Preparation of exhibitions / presentation of project results and ensure dissemination of the exhibition in both sectors.Providing the necessary knowledge on how to establish a successful art program that will benefit young people with fewer opportunities and consequently the entire community.

  1. Providing necessary knowledge on how to establish a successful arts program that benefits young people with fewer opportunities and the whole community.

Specific goals:

PC4: To train youth workers to use different artistic branches in their work with young people with fewer opportunities (training).

PC5: Establishment of local “artistic” youth working groups with fewer opportunities.

PC6: Implementing long-term mixed mobility for young people.

Project activities are:

C1-Mixed mobility for young people (online and live)

C2- Training of youth workers in the field of application of various arts in working with young people

C3- Study Visit to a cultural institution that also works with vulnerable groups

Project results:

  1. Handbook of good practices in the field of youth empowerment in the field of art.
  2. Local exhibitions / events for young people with fewer opportunities
  3. Framework for a new project

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