The ASPIRA  Institute is a place  of passionate and curious people who develop their own selves. They explore, inspire and create a space where every passion has the opportunity to be born, to develop and to grow. For the brave and those who will become. For the dreamy and the curious. Because we want the power of  passion to change the world anywhere, anytime. 

ASPIRA works on national and international level. Creating different programs (workshops, trainings, educational classes) in different fields from arts, youth work, computer programming, film and many more. What is important is that our programs are designed to ENCOURAGE, DEVELOP and NURTURE, passion towards all that an individual in learning. A passionate learner is a courageous one, free and will dare to be open minded and think critically.

Our staff members come from different backgrounds as computer programing, youth work, culture – film making, theatre and visual arts.

Zavod Aspira
Crystal ball in hand

Vision and mission

The power of passion is changing the world – anywhere, anytime.

The mission of the institute is to offer the individual an environment where he or she can develop his or her passion.

Our values

  •  boldness,
  •  creativity,
  •  initiative,
  •  supervision,
  •  freedom.

What we are doing?

We develop, inspire, create, support, mentor, establish a safe space, offer freedom, open the space for passion to develop.


Because we want a world where there is no fear of expressing your opinion, a world where people who love to explore live and they are not afraid of a change and growth, who accept others and seek for compromises.

For whom?

For the people who are discovering their own selves, for the brave, for those who are yet to be, for those who want more, those who dream and wish to make a dream come true, for all who are curious.