“Kinetic youth-move to grow” project results

“Kinetic youth-move to grow” was a training mobility for youth workers in the program Erasmus + on the topic of how to encourage kinetic intelligence in youth work.  Our AIM was to train participating youth workers to develop, enhance and foster kinetic intelligence in themself and the young people with whom they work. By this, we encourage them to build an environment

that encourages the development of critical thinking.

The training was initially meant to take place in Slovenia, as a 5-day mobility. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to carry out the training online.

Even though the topic of dance and movement seems impossible to do through online tools, we managed to create a great learning environment by using both a learning platform and ZOOM online meetings. 

The main trainer Goran Bogdanovski established a learning platform with a more than 30 hours program for participants that they can do by themself at home, during the course of 3 weeks.

In between these 3 weeks, we also met online for 5 days to discuss our individual learning, reflect, evaluate and ask questions. This online group time was also used to learn different tools connected to art therapy and drawing ( which can in itself mimic movement for example physically impaired).

In the beginning, we set out to measure the knowledge and skills of participants and their thoughts on the use of kinetic intelligence in youth work. AT the end of the project we compared their start knowledge and skills to their thought in the end.

Here is our report!

EU Diversity month

Wednesday, March 28, 2021

We are passionate and curious people who explore the world, inspire others with our passions, set a space where every passion has an opportunity to grow. We work at Aspira because we want passion to change the world anywhere anytime.

We’re driven by this belief: that when you have colleagues who like exploring their opinions – whether they be different or not – it becomes easier for all of us on Aspira’s team; in other words- there is no fear about expressing one’s opinion here! Our goal is simple: create a place where everyone feels welcome so long as they play well together and accept differences while constantly striving towards compromise

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Proslava ob devetdeset letnici trboveljskega zbora Slavček

Torek, 29. December 2020 OB 19:00 UTC+01

Danes praznujemo poseben jubilej. Pred nič manj kot devetdesetimi leti je začel s svojimi delovanjem otroški pevski zbor Slavček pod vodstvom izjemnega človeka Avgusta Šuligoja.
Ta zbor je v času svojega delovanja dosegel vse tisto, kar je sploh mogoče doseči. In še danes, ko pogledamo nazaj, se vse to zdi komaj verjetno. S svojimi nastopi je ta zbor povezal nabito polne dvorane širom Evrope, njihovo petje pa je neslo tudi preko oceana. Ob briljantnih izvedbah najzahtevnejših zborovskih kompozicij, so svetovni muzikologi samo strmeli, saj so bile le-te tako težke, da so do takrat menili, da so za izvedbo nemogoče.
Kdo je bil torej ta otroški pevski zbor?
Kakšnih čudežnih metod so se posluževali vodja zbora Avgust Šuligoj in njegovi mali pevci, da so svoje gledalce dobesedno začarali, jih pustili odprtih ust in velikih oči.
S to proslavo bomo poskušali pokukati pod to skrivnostno tančico v skoraj že mit, ki se ovija okrog zgodbe o delovanju zbora trboveljskih Slavčkov.
Trboveljski slavček 90 obletnica