EU Diversity month

We are passionate and curious people who explore the world, inspire others with our passions, set a space where every passion has an opportunity to grow. We work at Aspira because we want passion to change the world anywhere anytime.

We’re driven by this belief: that when you have colleagues who like exploring their opinions – whether they be different or not – it becomes easier for all of us on Aspira’s team; in other words- there is no fear about expressing one’s opinion here! Our goal is simple: create a place where everyone feels welcome so long as they play well together and accept differences while constantly striving towards compromise

Aspira is a place where people can truly express themselves and be proud of who they are.

As Aspira, we strive to create an environment that encourages curiosity in those around us so together, everyone has the opportunity to chase after their passions and dreams.

The world we build on the knowledge and skills of all involved, when everyone contributes their own stone in the mosaic, is a world where innovation, development, creativity, responsibility and respect are at the forefront – both to oneself and to others.

Diversity and inclusion are embedded in all the pores of our institute and represent this belief that every single person deserves an equal opportunity. We believe that everyone should be valued for who they are rather than what they can do or have achieved. This is why we tailor careers with purpose for people from different backgrounds as well as provide mentorship programs to encourage inclusiveness within workplace culture.

How does the diversity at our organization work in facilitating progress and innovation? It’s not just about the way people look – it’s deeper than that. When we create a space for everyone to be themselves without judgment, something magical happens. Something that makes us great.

In order to be successful, organizations need the cooperation of those who think differently. The Aspira Institute knows that diversity in the workplace is not just a matter of general progress and political correctness; it’s also an advantage for business success in today’s competitive environment. That’s why we have joined European Diversity Month by launching an online campaign to highlight how diversity can help companies stay on top through attracting talent from all backgrounds and fostering creativity among employees at all levels.

The Aspira Institute has always been a place where people come to work together and learn from each other’s differences. We need the cooperation of those who think differently, because only then can we find attractive solutions that will leave traces in our institution and beyond. That’s why this year, for European Diversity Month, we invite you to join us as we launch an online campaign highlighting diversity at the workplace not just as general progress or political correctness but also as a serious competitive advantage.

Saša Ledinek, director