Katarina Nučič

We see Katarina as a professional, motivated, ethical and ambitious person. She has a role in the organisation to drive its development, plan strategies and create and implement new projects. She works locally and internationally, collaborating with different people and implementing activities that contribute to the growth and impact of the organisation.

Her passion at work is to develop new ideas and support the strategic development of organisations in our environment. She believes in the importance of collaboration and strives to create an environment where we can build belonging together and respond to the challenges we face. It also seeks to identify and exploit common opportunities in the context of public tenders and to contribute to the development and progress of our region.

In short, she can be described as a strategic leader and creative co-creator.

mag. Rada Drnovšek

In more than a decade in the youth sector, Rada Drnovšek has worked her way up from participant to creator and project manager at local, regional and international level. 

She is interested in regional integration and development, sees the bigger picture and places great importance on the impact of her work. She is goal-oriented and is constantly looking for “win-win” situations for all parties involved. It places particular emphasis on networking and sees opportunities for growth and development for individuals and communities everywhere. 

A degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Management of Non-Profit Organisations help her to develop various projects and activities at Aspira. Freedom, finding a balance between all the roles she plays and clear planning are of particular importance to her.

Vesna Lenić Kreže

Vesna Lenić Kreže joined Aspira this year. Vesna has extensive experience in the field of youth work and is an excellent trainer, mentor and project coordinator. Vesna is also a member of the Movit National Agency’s pool of trainers since 2018. 

She has a degree in arts and pedagogy. Precisely because of this and because she has also been directly involved in non-formal learning in youth work for several years, she is always looking for the intersections between formal and non-formal learning. Vesna’s motto is that there is creativity in every human being that just needs to be discovered. Her competences are creative thinking, innovative approaches, bridging cultural and other sectors and project management. Vesna brings a wealth of expertise, passion for creativity and youth work to the


Saša Ledinek



Benjamin Kreže